The Government Contracts & Global Trade Practice Group at McCarter & English provides a full range of legal services to companies of all sizes – ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to medium-sized and small businesses. In Washington, DC and around the country, our highly-regarded attorneys have more than a half-century of collective experience assisting businesses in connection with complex legislative, regulatory, judicial, and administrative issues that permeate US federal and state procurement. In particular, we routinely assist companies in connection with bid protests; small business regulations; joint venture and teaming arrangements; audit responses; cost and CAS issues; cybersecurity compliance; GSA multiple award schedule issues; defense against False Claims Act/whistleblower allegations and lawsuits; export control issues; IP/Patent protection; the preparation and prosecution of claims; prime/sub disputes; investigations; mandatory and voluntary disclosures; civil and criminal proceedings; and suspension and debarment actions. Our experience comprises a wide range of industries including Defense and Aerospace; Federal Research and Development; Education; Healthcare; Construction; Transportation; and Information Technology and Software.

We look forward to serving you.